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-----------------Original message-----------------

With this entry I'm quitting uploading any stuff here. Like I said, I picked only few favorites of mine that may contain a bit of aesthetic or sentimental value and deleted the rest. I may change my mind if I ever manage to produce something really good, but that's doubtful.

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I'm still following many good artists, photographers and game designers, so you can see me faving and commenting on stuff. No other activity though.

From now on, I'm moving to my old blog. Pretty much aware that nobody will visit, but even here people dropped by accident, or because I directly linked them. So it's not that much of a difference. My works do not represent much of any value. It's time to face things, I can't learn how to draw. I will never be one of the cool kids, I'm almost 30, chronically depressed, don't know what I want to do with my life. Soon I'll forget how to use my own legs, but before that I'll get bald, because I can't stop pulling hair out of my head.

I still create little things, because it relieves me. So I will restrain to my little corner, where you can contact me too. I can be reached on twitter as well.

As if that's not enough, dA is a place where a SFW 3D render with a game asset used gets banned after one vile report, while an image of a girl giving a blowjob to a horse can be uploaded at all. So by the way dear moderators, some game devs know what we're doing. Some even are happy fanart gets created and cherish it with people. So if they are going to present us with C&Ds, they know where to find us, dont'cha worry about this and better go fight pornography that got to your site.

There are people watching me as well for those 6 years, so if you still peek in, thank you for being with me.


---------------------- Update: 28-02-2013 ----------------------
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As some of you may know, MF removed all the stuff I kept on my account. There were a couple of short ME clips - fan videos I made which they found violation of rules, but decided to purge it all, funny thing, I think they don't remove things by IP, because everything I had beyond the account still exist on the servers.
So all XNALara content went to the digital hell as well. For a time I thought I'll redo the stuff - ME models needed optimization, and I would feel a natural, personal pressure to improve them.
But no. I'm done with this. It's a personal preference. The amount of stupid and juvenile that happens around this software has reached the limit. I'm too old for this. I already took more bullshit than I could. I really like some of the stuff people make, I really do. But there's so little of that it's not worth to keep following. I'll stick to making stuff for myself if the time lets me.

What's left are few models on my SD. So long, and let's hope nobody gets sued.
I'm thinking of getting the hell out of here. dA moderators stopped caring for the quality of adult stuff, you can post just about everything, slap "artistic nude" label on it, and count views. As someone who enjoys fanart, I'd like to find a place where good quality works are published, and not dig through shittons of questionable imagery that makes me wanna pick my eyes out to find something of substance.

In other words I want a place which has better control over adult content. If you happen to know of such place, I'd like to read your suggestions. With a note that I'm looking for a social site.
  • Mood: Sadness
Yesterday I was informed about a certain company here in Poland (links below) offering stuff like mugs and t-shirts with prints of official game artwork and trademarked logos like Minecraft, BF3, ME3 and others. I highly doubt they have the license.

As if it wasn't enough, they took bunch of fanart that you can find here on dA, and offering it for sale as well, including mine. I can't speak for everyone else, but as I don't sell my fanart, I consider anyone who might buy a t-shirt bearing logo I designed as scammed. I was never asked for permission to use that particular artwork, especially for commercial purposes.

I declare that I never was and never will take money for fanart. I will never take money for something that I haven't created. I may draw stuff, but this character, item, logo, wasn't invented by me and I can't take credit for it (as in money). I don't care what do you guys say about it being an artwork, and I don't care if you call me stupid, just because others do so (sell fanart). I will never take other profit but satisfaction from my fanart. I will never buy fanart either.

First and foremost: Sole fact that whatever I post here on dA, doesn't mean that it's free to use!

There's three things I require if you want to use my fanart anywhere:
1. Ask me about it.
2. Provide a link back to my gallery and information from where and who you got it (so called "credit me!").
3. Read 1 and 2 AGAIN.
It's mostly a thing of courtesy. I wanna know where is my stuff going to be displayed. How it's going to be used.

There's two things I require when you want to use my original artwork anywhere:
1. I do not permit of using my original artwork.
2. Read 1 AGAIN.

To my Polish watchers:

Jeżeli kiedykolwiek traficie na tego użytkownika, i będziecie planowali jakikolwiek zakup z jego oferty, proszę o przemyślenie sprawy. Wszelkie wzory, z których on korzysta, nie należą do niego.……

Guys, it's not that I consider myself "special", actually I don't think much of what I do, and this situation saddens me even more.

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